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Finding the Time

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1 Finding the Time on Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:22 pm


Hi all,

Ever since I was little I used to write all kinds of stories for fun (some of which I would then present to my classmates - yikes!) My passion for writing has never left me, and even as my life gets busier and busier it refuses to be ignored. But I am now finding it somewhat difficult to allot time for writing. I hope that going to our meetings and discussing everyone's amazing work will inspire me to carve out some time for my own projects and improve my skills.

My current major project is a speculative novel called 'The Panacea Project.' The main character of the novel, Kieral Volkov, is the youngest member on the council for the (fictional) Alchemical Society in the late Victorian Period. Members of the Society innovate in the fields of medicine and technology by fusing scientific research with mythology, religion and the occult. During his time there Kieral starts to struggle with some moral quandaries, particularly in the context of his mentor and the founder of the Society, Lord Wright.

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